Springfield, MO

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Should the city build more public-use bathrooms, in part to serve the homeless?

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For those of you who have been awhile around like myself. The Govt and organizations have been “fighting the war on homelessness” for 40 years!! Its gotten worse like EVERYTHING local, state and federal GOVTS put their hands on! Its time to start teaching Patriotism, Personal Responsibility and Work ethic again! Now, the Marxists in Washington tell us THAT is racist?! Enough of all the social programs and BS! Life isn’t fair and nobody owes yo7 a damn thing! Just the opposite. WE OWE our community and country gratitude! WE show it by respecting the RULE OF LAW and honoring our history, warts and all! Thats not whats happening. WHY is EVERY solution MORE $$$$?! Can someone please tell me what social problem Any Govt ever solved? I listened to a presentation by the Director of one of the SEVEN homeless organizations in Springfield at a mens group meeting. All non profits of course. I asked her one question. “Do you do drug and alcohol testing?” NONE of them do drug testing. I will not waste your time by sharing the complete BS response she gave as to why they don’t. Yet again NO ACCOUNTABILITY. So now the tax payers have tp pay? When does it end? WHAT IS THE PLAN if NO drug and booze testing? How will they EVER work and support themselves? ENOUGH of this type thinking!! Why must the rule followers and responsible always pick up the tab? Its not sustainable and anyone with a brain should know this! You cannot keep printing money. You cannot keep confiscating it from the responsible citizens. TOUGH LOVE and ACCOUNTABILITY must be present or you are wasting your time. Keep in mind that as homelessness is exploding in America, our illegitimate Biden regime is intentionally flooding the country with illegals. I want CUTS in ALL social programs!!! There are a gazillion jobs!! Get them clean and get them working!

On a side night. I would have thought the deadly pandemic would have helped us out with the homeless problem? It didn’t. Because its an illusion!

Friday, December 24, 2021
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