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Has your work culture changed since the pandemic?

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We lost 40% of small business in America over a 99.8% survival rate and an avg age of death of 80 while big corporation wealth exploded. Pretty smart way to weed out some competition and get rid of an AMERICA FIRST President who just cut off the worlds welfare checks. Main Street Hardware must close but Lowes? Walmart? Target? No problem. Churches must close. Liquor and weed stores? Not a problem. Smartest virus the world has ever known. Now we are suppose to FEAR the “delta variant”? Its not working and Thank God! This pandemic charade and the subsequent seizure of our Republic on Nov 3 has awaken the American people to a level I never thought I would see. Lets hope that whats left of small business will stand up fight next time they are faced with insanity.

Tuesday, July 6, 2021
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