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Three Ways Building Should Enhance User Experience
Mike Coonrod, sbjLive Producer

Three Ways Building Should Enhance User Experience

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Tim Guillot and Thom Lundberg, partners with Esterly Schneider & Associates say architecture is more than designing a space to fit physical needs. It should also improve emotional well-being. “Architecture, for us, it’s a mix of art and science and technology and the combination off all things have helped create environments that can help with certain different situations,” says Guillot. Whether it be designing a hospital space to optimize patients’ comfort and experience or making the Boathouse at Lake Springfield blend into its environment, you can use architectural design to best meet the needs of your business. This is sponsored content.

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Video Transcription:

- Buildings are a major way that people interact with the environment. Everyone knows that they provide shelter from the elements and help keep you warm, but architecture takes that a lot farther and helps create spaces that improve people's emotional well-being as well as our physical well-being.

- I'm Tim Guillot, with Esterly, Schneider & Associates.

- And I am Thom Lundberg, and I'm a partner at Esterly, Schneider & Associates.

- Architecture, for us, it's a mix of art and science and technology. And the combination of all things have helped create environments that can help with certain different situations. When we're working on medical facilities, one of the most important things that we look at is how the patients feel, and if they're in a high-stress environment, if they're in a high-stress situation, trying to make sure that we design the space, the lighting, how people interact with the space, that they know where they need to go when they walk in, and we don't make their stress worse.

One of our recent projects, the Waynesville Medical Clinic, was designed specifically around those types of ideas, with making sure that, when you're driving down 44, you can see it, so the patients know where they're going. And it was designed in a way so it looks like a professional building, a medical building and place where people need to get to with a big sign up front that says here's where the clinic is. There's a ton of glass in the building, so that it's a lot of natural light, in trying to get it as deep in the building as possible, so when the patients are there, they've got light no matter where in the facility they are.

- Civic and community buildings are a very common building type that has a major effect on people's lives and their emotional well-being. One of our projects that we've really enjoyed working on was the boathouse at Lake Springfield. And that was a situation where the design of the building complemented its surroundings. The whole point of the building was to be in a park setting and enjoy the lake. So, the building was designed with lots of glass and made you feel like you're experiencing nature, even if you're inside the building in a meeting or having some community event.

Even the smallest of details in this project enhance the user's experience. For example, the guard rails on the exterior of the building, if you're at the lake, looking back, you see that kinda sparkle and kinda reflects the water and how that shines. And using it from the opposite side, that was designed in such a way that it doesn't obstruct the view from the building out to the water.

- One of the things that we do when we're designing retail and commercial buildings is making sure that the space itself is safe. In the past, a lot of the products that were used, carpet, paint, wall covering, different types of, basically, chemicals, all these things gave off gases, basically, polluting the work space. Nowadays, we're really conscious about that. We make sure, and these are things you don't see, that we're using paints that are low in those toxic chemicals, making sure we're using high-quality carpet that's low in those toxic chemicals, and just making sure that, when you walk into the space, from the very beginning, that it's already clean and safe and healthy.

- That's one of the things that we really pride ourselves on, is that we like to get involved as early in the planning process as possible. And it's never too early to come to an architect and help with site selection to make sure that that site will most effectively meet the needs of the building that you may want to build. We like to get involved and work with the client throughout the entire process, and always listening to the needs and determining, based on what they believe they need, what the best solution is, and keeping that within their budget.


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