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Ask the Experts: Tips for Employing the Homeless
Mike Coonrod, sbjLive producer

Ask the Experts: Tips for Employing the Homeless

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Paula Adams, president of Penmac, says they try to help clients find gainful employment regardless of whether they have a permanent address. She says they partner with Council of Churches to try helping clients with issues like transportation by giving them the tools they need to be successful. “Everyone has to have a start. They have to have a beginning, a chance to get their feet off the ground,” Adams says. This content sponsored by Council of Churches.

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Video transcription:

- We at Penmac, I don't think we really distinguish between them being homeless or not homeless. I think it takes on an array of things. We're looking for the best candidate. So if their skillset and their willingness to go to work and be there on time can happen, then that's what we're all about.And if they need help in that endeavor, then we will try to do that.

Being homeless, to me, doesn't necessarily mean that you're on the side of the road or even maybe living in a tent. It could possibly mean maybe that you're in a situation in a particular time in your life that you're with a friend or you're having to stay maybe in an extended stay or something to that effect.

So, I think every situation is different and so we at Penmac just really try hard to not use that as a reason to not hire someone. There are so many other things that come into play prior to that than them not really having permanent residence.

In working with our clients, we really haven't had a big issue with people that don't necessarily have a permanent home. I think other issues probably come before that. Transportation is a problem for a lot of people, even those who have a permanent residence.

So we just try to work with them and give them the tools necessary to be able to be successful on the job. Because everyone has to have a start. They have to have a beginning, a chance to get their feet off the ground.

That's what my mom always...that's really how Penmac started was her ability to want us to serve and to get people to work. It was important because if you're not working, that means everything else really it just doesn't fall into place. So, having a job brings that stability to your life and other things then can start happening.


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