Springfield, MO

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Where do you primarily shop for groceries in Springfield?

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I worked at Dillons, N Kansas where the Library is now, for a four month period between jobs back in the 1991 or so time frame. Food Barn Warehouse had built at site of now WalMart N on Kansas/I-44 and site of the recently closed King Cash Saver formerly Dillons (Battlefield and Kansas. Neither opened, the brick buildings (Kansas & Battlefield bldg stayed to this day while WalMart N tore that one down and started over). We had numerous meetings in 1991 on changing how we do business as this new branch of WalMart called WalMart Super Centers were coming to town. We had no clue what was on the horizon. Mgmt did as they'd dealt with this new wave in other areas. The landscape changed. Back then Dillons, Consumers and Smitty's dominated with 3-4-5 other smaller neighborhood grocery stores around town such as Rameys, Solo, etc. The difference was convenience (not having to drive to 3-4-5 different stores to shop for a wide variety of items) and price, of course. I'm looking forward to the see the changes announced in SBJ about a year or so ago that are starting initially at WalMart on Walnut Lawn now. The construction has started so be nice to see where this all goes next! Online shopping and direct car pick up will change the way we shop inevitably. I appreciate SBJ keeping us abreast of news and happening events on the horizon often years before other news outlets finally report to the wider audience. It's sincerely appreciated SBJ staff---good work!! Someone has to lead! Thank you

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