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Ready. Set. Give. - Ep. 2
Mike Coonrod, sbjLive Producer

Ready. Set. Give. - Ep. 2

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“Ready. Set. Give.” is a seven-part series that helps companies create a culture of giving. Stephanie Anderson, Operations Coordinator for I Pour Life, says companies with the most successful give back efforts are those who have not only created a culture of generosity, but have found an employee to spearhead their efforts. Look for someone who may already be involved in the community and can instill a passion for giving in other employees.

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Video Transcript:

- - Many businesses struggle to cultivate a culture that gives back to the community. Sometimes you just need to be a little creative.

Hi, I'm Peter Ostapko. I'm with Arvest Bank, and I'm here with Stephanie Anderson, Operations Coordinator for I Pour Life. And we're here to share a few ways where you can start giving back.

Stephanie can you kind of give me an idea about how businesses can get involved with their community efforts and start somewhere, what do they do?

- With I Pour Life we've really seen the companies that are most successful with their give-back efforts, are first ones that have created that culture of generosity but they've really found an employee who can spearhead their give-back efforts.

- That's good.

- That somebody passionate on their staff who maybe is already involved in the community in some way, that can get your other team members excited about what you're doing.

- Well you're here with I Pour Life, so tell me a little bit more about the organization. I know you guys do some things here in town in Springfield but also globally. So kind of give us a little bit more insight into I Pour Life.

- I Pour Life is a non-profit organization that truly believes anyone can thrive but sometimes people haven't had the right opportunities or environments put in their way so they...

- Sure.

- Stop believing in themselves. So I Pour Life really works with people with social and economic disadvantages to help them identify and apply their unique strengths so they can become self-sufficient. Really giving them a hand up instead of a handout. We have a program locally called Life Strengths where we work with homeless and at-risk youth that are aging out of the foster care system. Maybe even living in generational poverty or a juvenile offender and we develop them by pairing them with an on-staff life coach, who really is gonna help them see their strengths, maximize their potential.

- Wow, what a great cause. A great need for sure. So if I'm a business owner and say I want to get involved with I Pour Life, what are some ways I can do that?

- Absolutely, you know we've got a lot of great ways that people can get involved in their local community by developing these young people who are really the future of our communities. So the first way would be by becoming a community coach. And these are volunteers who just come alongside a youth and really invest in their life. They help them see what their strengths are, maximize their potential, help them grow their social capital and that just means bringing them into the fabric of your daily life. So whether you're grocery shopping, you're at kids' soccer games, you're taking them along with you. Helping them learn from your life and your experiences.

- That's neat. Now one thing I've seen, a couple businesses to do, organizations have sponsored is like a family dinner. So tell me a little more about those events you guys host.

- Yeah, so once a month we host a family dinner at our local office where we invite anyone in the community who'd like to come. As well as all of our current and former youth local family members. We eat a meal together, we play games, it really is that family dinner, family picnic style environment. So we've had several businesses that have agreed to sponsor that dinner by providing the meal, bringing their team...

- That's awesome.

- To meet our local family members. That's a great way for a business to get involved in the community.

- Cool, well that's neat. Well, thank you Stephanie for being here today. Of course if I'm a business owner and those who are listening in on this want to get involved, what's the best way and what's the first step they can do that?

- First head to our website it's and from there you'll be able to learn more about our programs and the specific volunteer opportunities we have in your community.


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