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Opinion: Two sides of a moment

2020 Men of the Year

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The sun was warm. It was a beautiful spring day at the ranch. The roar of approaching dirt bikes broke into nature’s soundtrack and, in a single moment, my palomino quarter horse reared and flipped over, landing on top of me.

In a single moment, The world stopped.

My wife, Kimberly, was first to my side. She called 911 and then made a FaceTime call to our son, Heath, who is an orthopedic surgery resident at the Mayo Clinic. He walked her through using pressure to close the wound. With sure hands, she saved my life.

In a single moment, I saw hope.

A skilled surgeon at CoxHealth worked meticulously for four hours to put me back together. I awoke to see the loving eyes of my family, via Zoom, as a caring nurse held the iPad.

In a single moment, I felt the powerful pull of a 32-year love story drag me into tomorrow.

Before leaving the hospital, a friend and local builder, Rusty MacLachlan, and his son, Easton, built a wheelchair ramp to the front door of our home. I saw the beautiful gift through tear-filled eyes.

In a single moment, I saw a path.

The first nurse arrived on day one at home. The very best of care was going to keep me home and safe from infection. I was no longer the boss. I was now the patient.

Our Phoenix Home Care physical therapist looked me in the eye and told me I would walk again.

In a single moment, I trusted my own company to deliver our promises to me.

Now, more than four months since the accident, I am walking without any aid. I am pain free. I am truly blessed and humbled. So many people came to our help with food, services and prayer.

So, why do I tell this story as the intro to the 2020 Men of the Year? Because the Men of the Year are men of moments. They are men who work hard at serving others and making the world a better place in their entrusted moments. They are men who understand that business is about relationships. It is only through relationships that monumental results are achieved.

I am fortunate enough to have lived on both sides of the moment: the moment maker and the receiver. I have always enjoyed serving, volunteering and influencing. It feels good. Last year, I was a recipient of this amazing award.

But this year, I have been the recipient of service and now, more than ever, I know how important it is to serve. What a difference a moment of altruistic service makes.

True Men of the Year don’t accumulate resume-filling roles on charitable boards. They stand in the trenches with people and work to make improvements – in construction, law, banking, manufacturing, real estate and insurance. In all circles of influence.

These men serve in the single moments of the day. Without fanfare. Void of stages and microphones. These men weren’t chasing the Men of the Year award; they were chasing meaningful moments and along the way, someone noticed.

True Men of the Year do the right things in the quiet moments of the day and those actions ripple with influence into our communities. We rise as one.

It is humbling to think that I have been invited to introduce this illustrious group of true Men of the Year. Congratulations to the moment makers of 2020.

What matters most in our lives are not things and events but rather moments of significant impact on the lives of others.

Phil Melugin is the president and owner of Phoenix Home Care and Hospice and a 2019 Men of the Year recipient. He can be reached at


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