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Opinion: How you do what you do says a lot about you

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Last week, someone asked me again, “How do you do it?”

I’m in the people business. But more than that, I get to watch people find their lifelong victory. However, not every person reaches the same heights.

Yes, it is a letdown every time a person doesn’t see their own potential and power within. It’s tough when I know there’s more for them. I have the pleasure to lead a nonprofit team of world changers (we hope). We want to inspire change for the best community around.

That’s why the question seems to resurface toward me. So, I thought: Don’t we all have professional challenges, relationship issues and family matters? There are people to see, places to be and things to do – always. Life is nonstop, or so it seems, for us all.

So, I answered the question on how I do what I do. And I wonder how you do what you do. Maybe you can relate to my answers.

  1. Nothing is impossible. I have to have this one. Without this, for me, there is no hope. Yes, I see reality, but I want to live as an eternal optimist. I just have to believe in the power of change. Change in yourself, in your family and in the difficult situations you may be facing. I have to believe that I can change, that those around me will change as I grow, and that this community is getting better.
  2. Believe the best in people. I have to assume you are giving your best. As a recovering control freak (ask my kids), I have to see the best in people, I have to believe in the best, and I have to know you are trying your best. If I pile shame on you because you can do better, then you can’t do your best. If I try to control people or a situation, you will give up hope. If I always want you to come through on my standards, then you can never be creative and inspire others.
  3. One word: Develop. Develop you. Develop others. Develop an atmosphere of grace and compassion. Here is the definition of the word, according to Merriam-Webster: “to set forth or make clear by degrees or in detail.” Can’t you just see yourself setting forth your passions? Can’t you just see yourself making clear the degrees of change in someone else? Can’t you see the clarity in vision you will use to inspire others? I see it in you.
  4. See the vision for transformation. During a recent meeting, I saw the future and I told our team about it. I saw the places where we can go together. I saw their place in the story. I saw what is not yet a reality. But it will be. Leadership is seeing before others and telling them the story. Let’s be the inspiration to their future, and together we will walk it out. Believe in the power to tell the future and then see it come to pass.
  5. Just believe. This one comes first to me, actually. But I want to leave you with a sweet taste in your mouth. Believe. I know it’s not Christmastime, but I always think of “The Polar Express” when I hear believe. When the kid believes, he can hear the bell ring. Believe you have the necessary skills to do what others can’t or won’t. Believe those around you can handle the honesty and vulnerability you will share. Believe in someone, trust again and see what happens.

How do I do it? One day at a time. I am a values-driven leader focusing on and believing in the impossible, seeing the best in others, developing the next me and seeing into the future that I am responsible for shaping.

How do you do it? I’d love to hear and learn from you. Send me an email at the address below or write a Letter to the Editor of Springfield Business Journal at

Jason Hynson is executive director of Victory Mission and Ministry. He can be reached at


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