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Health Care Consultation Empowers Decision Making
Mike Coonrod, sbjLive producer

Health Care Consultation Empowers Decision Making

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Melanie Upshaw with Phoenix Home Care and Hospice, says we plan important events, but neglect to plan for our health care. Families often struggle to make decisions when a loved one isn’t able. Upshaw recommends a comprehensive disease management consult with a nurse who can help you establish your needs and prevent conflict. This is sponsored content.

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Video transcription:

- When you think about it, we plan for vacations, we plan for parties and family reunions, but the one thing we often don't prepare for is our health care journey, and that is such a disservice to ourselves, because what we find then, is we have a sudden event that can shake our world and change our lives, and then we're making decisions in crisis.

So if you find yourself in a time when you're looking at, do I need hospice? Do I need home health? Do I need medication management or pharmacy service or private care services? That might be the perfect time to consider a comprehensive disease management consult, because that nurse is going to really help you establish what do I need?

They're going to listen to all the things that you're voicing that you need help with, that you're struggling with, or just that you have questions about, and she's going to be able to help you really look at each program and decide what fits best for me. And in those conversations, what will also happen, is you're going to be thinking about what I might need in the future, and you'll have those conversations too, but we can start at the beginning and work our way through the end.

And what this does, is it allows people to align together and really hear what people are truly wanting for their life, and it at least creates that open space to have discussion. We're not gonna resolve everything in that first meeting, but if nothing else we've opened the door, and then our next meeting, we can visit some more, or you've had time to think, and at least think about, "Gosh, I just never even knew that was an option."

But we often see families have such a hard time and struggle, because when a loved one ends up in the hospital, they're not able to make the decision, the family has to make the decision. They have no idea what their loved one's wishes are, or two different people think that the answers are different. There's suddenly conflict, and our goal is to just really make each day count for every person we touch, and this is a program that definitely allows for that.


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