Springfield, MO

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Cheri Fisher

Associate VP of Quality Assurance — Next Level Solutions

Posted online

An extremely common challenge faced by female leaders in the tech realm is the perception of emotion and bossiness. We tend to be flagged as emotional or bossy when showing passion or assertiveness, while the opposite perception is true for men. My leadership goal is to seek out women pursuing the management track and ensure that they are being taken as seriously as any man would. I consistently push women in my field not to apologize for speaking up, asking questions, or being assertive.

Personal leadership style

My leadership style is quite a hodgepodge of traits that make me versatile. First and foremost I am a servant leader. My teams are helping to build this department, so their opinions and voices matter. I will always continue to advocate for my teams, their value, and how they are rewarded.  

Within the last 20 years, I have been on multiple types of teams and played many different roles in those teams. People will inevitably match your energy, your habits and your interactions no matter if it is positive or negative. Being aware of that influence for an entire department and how to use it for the promotion of collaboration, positivity and encouragement is one of the best traits of a leader.


I hope people see me as a leader who consistently pushes for the success and recognition of her people in every situation and as someone who isn’t afraid to speak up, challenge the norm or drive towards smarter change in process or practice. My willingness to listen to feedback on needs and changes allows everyone to feel as invested in the growth of the department. This investment creates an environment that people want to grow and thrive in, knowing they will be appreciated by every level of leadership.


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