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Bus driver shortage leads to transportation cuts at SPS

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The nationwide bus driver shortage has resulted in transportation cuts at Springfield Public Schools, the district announced Friday.

Around 1,500 students will be impacted by a change starting Nov. 8, when elementary and K-8 school students must live 2 miles or more from school and middle and high school students must live 2.5 miles or more from school to receive transportation. The district provided a copy of the announcement, which originally went to parents, to Springfield Business Journal.

SPS officials said the temporary change is necessary since the district now has fewer bus drivers now than when the semester started in August.

"We started the school year understaffed in our transportation department, but it was our hope that aggressive recruitment efforts and offering increased wages, benefits and other incentives would help us hire and retain bus drivers," the announcement reads. "While we have recruited new bus drivers, the competitive job market has resulted in the loss of other drivers."

SPS officials said the three-tier transportation system schedule implemented earlier this year has assisted with the shortage, noting it would be a worse situation had the initiative not been introduced. The three-tier system reduced the need for 25 routes, equating to 25 drivers, said John Mulford, deputy superintendent of operations for SPS, in a recent interview with SBJ.

SPS currently is looking at support systems for families, such as free city bus passes.


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Lets hope this continues and the Govt Indoctrination centers collapse! There is absolutely NOTHING of value being taught in SPS or any other “Public school” unless its a farming community and even them you better be at that school paying attention!! I can’t believe parents haven’t pulled their kids OUT already? CRT,1619, LBGTQ, Gay lifestyle and an over sexualization of our kids! Add to the insanity the HOAX of “man made climate change” and Marxist indoctrination and you to will come to the same conclusion. There is absolutely NO reason whatsoever to continue to support “Public education”! Our colleges and universities are even worse!! STAND UP and PUSH BACK!

Monday, October 18, 2021
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