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Will you become a medical marijuana patient?

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No 70% | 135 votes
Yes 30% | 57 votes


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allergic to all forms of the plant and its products

Thursday, November 15
T Lomax

As a Vietnam Veteran in a classified field, and a survivor of the OKC bombing in 1995, I HAVE PTSD. I have been on benzodiazepines for a very long time and want off. I have tried medical cannabis and am very satisfied with the results obtained. If not for family obligations, I would have moved to where this treatment is available. Having the relief right here will be terrific.

4 days ago
Steve Liebeck

As a cancer survivor who had Chemo Theropy, I’m wishing it was legal back then. It does help with being nauseated.

2 days ago

To a large extent, this question is asking people if they will become afflicted with cancer, PD, Crohn's disease, deep depression/anxiety. Although I intend to use this newly legalized medicinal, I hope the majority of those responding can rightfully say "NO" they will not become ill and need to access something that has been helpful to so many others. I would not wish these illnesses on my enemy, let alone my neighbors and friends. Besides, it wasn't scientific research that legalized 'hard liquor like whiskey, cognac, rum, vodka, for recreational / social purposes; and during approx. the same era banned this medicine from its rightful use. History shows us it was dirty data/research and politics that tricked America in to this law/mistake... they had it backwards. Just ask yourself this question... IF you were walking down an alley alone, in lets say K.C. or St. Louis, and you had to walk by a man or two that were drunk on whiskey or high on weed which would you would pick ? That's right... and although not a complete defense of my opinion, it does make a point worth reflecting on. My advice to our communities... R-E-L-A-X

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